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Default Death by Diarrhea

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walt a tonne of shit wrote:

On Mar 29, 8:04*pm, walt a tonne of shit wrote:
On Mar 26, 11:55*pm, (Jack Boot) wrote:


At this very moment, in third world countries, diarrhea is the cause of
many deaths, mostly in children and the aged.

If in the aftermath you find yourself living in Third World conditions,
know the associated dangers. Know how to save yourself and your family
from something as simple as diarrhea. According to the World Health
Organization (WHO):

..child lives...could potentially be saved by widely implementing seven
PREVENTION interventions:

1) breastfeeding
2) vitamin A supplementation
3) hand washing with soap
4) improved sanitation
5) improved water source
6) better household water treatment
7) rotavirus vaccination

..and three TREATMENT interventions:

1) oral rehydration solution (salt & sugar in * * * * * * *water)
2) zinc supplementation
3) antibiotics for dysentery

....a do-able increase in the coverage of all interventions would
reduce child deaths due to diarrhea by 92% ...averting nearly FIVE
MILLION DEATHS [worldwide].

edited for brevity

Jack Boot

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Diarrhea is useful in third-world countries as a population control
HIV is also doing it's job in Africa. Without these ailments
population would
explode and in the case of Africa, valuable species of wildlife will

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