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Default Boxed Cake Mix Better Than From Scratch ???

* Can you not halve the recipe?

I don't bake cakes any more. *Haven't for many years. *I would suspect that
any cake I would have made from scratch would probably have had to have half
an egg in it if I halved the recipe. *But most of my cakes were the boxed
mix and in those days the boxed mixes in the stores made two layers. *Yes,
one could have halved it but it would have been a PITA I think. *You'd have
to either weigh or measure the mix out.

Dividing the mix doesn't make sense to me. I will make the entire
recipe and freeze the extra layer for use within the next month. A
yellow cake layer is invaluable for a quick dessert. So easy to split
the layer, add a filling and top with a ganache.