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Default Earl Grey/Lady Grey

My wife an I like both Earl and Lady Grey.

We started drinking Harrod's No. 42 Earl Grey after a trip to the UK and
that is still one of our most favorites but hard to get here in the United
States. We found that Twinnings Earl Grey was easy to find and was good
(but a distant second to Harrod's!). Then some friends of ours who were
visiting from England brought some Twinnings Lady Grey for us to try. Lady
Grey is harder to find but is carried in at least one of the supermarket
chains here.

Now we alternate between the two Twinnings teas but probably drink more
Lady Grey.

There are a few other flavored teas that we like from Ashby's especially
the Apricot. We purchased an assortment pack in a school fundraiser drive
and it seems to be fairly hard to find locally. I've found a few places
on the web but they didn't have the apricot.

One more brand to mention is one that another couple in England sent us to
try. Taylors of Harrogate has good English Breakfast tea. We haven't had
a chance to try other types from them.


Ripon wrote:

I have realized person who likes Earl Grey they don't like Lady Grey,
who likes Lady Grey they don't like Earl Grey. Is there anyone, who
likes both?