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Default Tea in the USA.

"Dave Croft" wrote in message ...
Hi Guys, As an English newcomer to the group I have been surprised to
see the interest in Tea that seems to be developing in the USA.
I grew up only 2 miles from the American Air force base at Burtonwood
with 35,000 American servicemen & 99% of them only drank coffee.
We of course all drink tea (Even the people who prefer coffee will drink tea).
I was wondering what proportion of Americans do drink tea & if this number
is growing these days.

dear Dave:
Recently I have posted some information in tea mail group about "tea
consumption in US". For you convenience I am pasting it here-

In US per day tea consumption is 0-.50
cups per day. American's are the 25th country according to this
list.. In
total tea consumption- 80% as iced tea, 20% as hot tea. Though most of
American tea lovers in this group don't like Lipton but still Lipton
is the
best-selling brand of tea in the US market(50%). Most American use tea
rather then loose tea. Last five years tea bags sales nationwide
6%. There are approximately 1,200-1,300 tea shops in US. Most of the
drinkers are woman. Connecticut based Bigelow Tea is the only tea
company in US. "American Classic Tea" is produced by this company.

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)