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Tee King
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Default Tea in the USA.

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 14:23:58 -0000, "Dave Croft"
tripped the light fantastic, then quipped:

Hi Guys, As an English newcomer to the group I have been surprised to
see the interest in Tea that seems to be developing in the USA.
I grew up only 2 miles from the American Air force base at Burtonwood
with 35,000 American servicemen & 99% of them only drank coffee.
We of course all drink tea (Even the people who prefer coffee will drink tea).
I was wondering what proportion of Americans do drink tea & if this number
is growing these days.

Hi, Dave. I grew up in the military (my formative years were spent at
the now defunct RAF Chicksands, near Bedford). In addition, my
husband is retired from the Air Force, my older son is in the Air
Force, my brother is in the U.S. Coast Guard, my father-in-law is an
Air Force retiree, and my ex-husband was in the Navy. Coffee is,
perhaps, the number one staple of the military; I don't know how this
came to be, but it's definitely true. That explains the
coffee-over-tea consumption of which you're aware. There is, however,
an increase of tea drinkers in the states, though I don't believe tea
will ever become as popular as tea here... a shame, that. I don't
have the proportional numbers for you, but hazarding a wild guess, I
would say the ratio of coffee to tea drinkers is 99 to 1, with my
thumb on the metaphorical scale of the "tea-totalers".

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