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Suzy Marsden
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Default Tea n' Spice

I drink Constant Comment too. It's good, but orange, not cinnamon.

"Stephen Cadwell" wrote in message
Suzy Marsden wrote:
For years I was able to purchase boxes of instant tea called Tea n'

Spice (I
think that was the name) at Cost Plus. It came in a brown cardboard box
with black lettering and was made in San Francisco. It also came in

black tea form. The tea had a strong cinnamon flavor and smell. Cost

has not carried it for over a year now and doesn't know where or even if

is available anymore. I have searched everywhere online and so far,

to find it. Does anyone have a source for this tea? I'm down to my

few spoonfuls. Thanks.

Suzy Marsden

Your Tea n' Spice sounds a lot like "Constant Comment," a black tea and
spice blend with orange peel. It is distributed by Bigelow and is
widely available in teabags; perhaps in other forms as well.