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Michael Plant
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Default Como se dice "tea and sandwiches" auf Norsk?

Jarmo 2/5/04

On Tue, 03 Feb 2004 17:20:35 GMT, Michael Plant
Hvor mange Normanner har vi her?
Selv er jeg ikke Norman og jeg bor i byen NY i Guds eyet landt.

Quite a few, apparently, and here's one more Scandinavian from
Finland. I've been to Norway once (traveled from Mo i Rana to the
Lofoten islands), but unfortunately I don't speak the language. I do
speak a bit of Swedish, though.

Swedish, Norwegian, Danish; hey, what's the difference?
Sorry guys, that was a joke.

To keep this even a little bit tea-related, I'd like to add that most
of the time you folks talk about teas I've never even heard of.
Finland is, sadly, a coffee-nation. Although the tea-situation here
has improved tremendously in the last 10-15 years or so, the shops
still tend to sell only the usual as-cheap-as-possible Twinings and
Lipton varieties and some flavored Assam-Ceylon blends. Fortunately,
loose tea is almost as readily available as the bags.

Are you getting your tea from foreign suppliers?

Relevant: I'm drinking a Wulong from Shan Shui Teas in Washington, DC, USA,
this morning. Very soft and round and gentle with a hint of astringency and
sweetness. I'm a believer.

Not relevant: I'm a mouse guy, having owned a number of pet mice, and I
know for a fact that Finland is well respected in the pet mouse world. I
also know that Finland has been a front runner in internet use and
development. So, given time and tea, Finland could become as big and
important as the United States some day.

More of the same: I'm listening to a collection of Italian musical street
chants, which are as rough as this tea is soft.

Very nice newsgroup, by the way, I've been following it for a few
months now.

And welcome to it, Jarmo.