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Default tea and sandwiches?

Hi Ole,

> Any suggestions what sort of tea I could drink along with a couple of
> sandwiches in my lunch break?

Depends on your tastes and habits...

A personnal choice :
Ti Kuan Ying Oolong teas (average quality, light brew, hot or cold) goes
well with about all sort of food. Except maybe smelly cheese, but I don't
think any tea would.
For the rest, that depends what you put in your sandwiches, and of course
your tastes. In general, if it's rich (fat), Jasmine tea and Puer tea,
during or after, they favor digestion, but I don't think that's so pleasant
with a cold meal. If it's lighter, and contains few dairy or meat, simple
green teas are a good match.
Black teas, fruit flavored teas, etc, especially if you add something
(sugar, milk, lemon, spices...) go better with sweet stuff, or after the
meal as a dessert.

Don't forget to drink at least as much water as tea, or you can feel tired
when you're
deshydrated (bread is dry + cafeinated drinks accelerate deshydratation). To
avoid that, I often pack water or cafeineless cold cereal decoctions
(barley, buckwheat or corn) to drink during the meal, for hydratation and as
nutty taste goes well with sandwiches. Later, back at work, I have a cup of
hot green or fragrant oolong.