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Default tea and sandwiches?

"Ole Kvaal" > wrote in message news:<uwvTb.1171$rj4.16915> Any suggestions what sort of tea I could drink along with a couple of
> sandwiches in my lunch break? Until now, I've been drinking orange juice to
> my lunch, but I'd much rather find a tea that would go nicely with - and
> after - my meal.

Thanks in advance

Hello Ole:

It's all depending on, what is inside your sandwiches. I think black
tea is always best. My suggestions a-

Chicken or turkey sandwiches- Lapsang Souchong or any sweet, smokey
keemun, Russian Caravan blend
Egg Sandwiches- Darjeeling, Keemun Mao Feng, Golden monkey or red
Beef or Pork sandwiches-Yunnan, any afternoon blend( Assam, Kenya,
Ceylon or Bangladeshi blend)
Vegetable Sandwiches-Gunpowder green or Darjeeling silver tips
Sea food sandwiches- any good Oolong or peppery Keemun
Custard sandwiches- a strong malty assam or Bangladeshi orthodox tea
or Keemun Hao Ya A or B not delicate Keemun Mao Feng

Without milk and sugar. That's my way to enjoy my sandwiches with tea.

(Dhaka, Bangladesh)