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Dieter Folz
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Default tea and sandwiches?

"Ole Kvaal" wrote in message ...
Any suggestions what sort of tea I could drink along with a couple of
sandwiches in my lunch break? Until now, I've been drinking orange juice to
my lunch, but I'd much rather find a tea that would go nicely with - and
after - my meal.
Thanks in advance


With sandwiches you should drink a tea, which taste and flavour isn't
to fragile. So, every high qualitiy tea would be too good for it. In
the contrast, all every day quality but tasty tea (black or green) you
like will go well with sandwiches, although the tea has some edges,
which will be a nice thing, going with a meal. You have to find out
for yourself. If your sandwiches are a bit stronger (maybe a hearty
bred with a dark crust and / or with a good cheese or a nice (Italian)
salami) try to make the tea a dash stronger too ;-). BTW, after lunch
I would prefer an Earl Grey. In the early afternoon you can enjoy a
cup of a high quality tea of your choice, just to relax and to explore
the taste, but with a meal, a standard quality with some edges is IMHO
the best.