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Michael Plant
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Default tea and sandwiches?

Ole /2/04

Any suggestions what sort of tea I could drink along with a couple of
sandwiches in my lunch break? Until now, I've been drinking orange juice to
my lunch, but I'd much rather find a tea that would go nicely with - and
after - my meal.
Thanks in advance

A green tea or a white tea would undoubtedly be overwhelmed by your
sandwich. The fruit and flower of most oolongs (and most likely Darjeelings
too) would clash and compete. A black tea would do nicely. Since most
"common" teabag teas are some combination of Assam and/or Ceylon tea, why
not try a Keemun, a Yunnan, or another Chinese black tea? That's my

.....which reminds me of my Trondhjem story....

I left my rucksack, tent, and sleeping bag tied to the back of the motor
scooter (friend's motor scooter) parked on the street, and when we returned
to it three days later the stuff was safe and sound and untouched, as
expected. Try to do that in the middle of New York City, and see what