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Default 無我茶會 *英文 Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony English

One inherent contradiction is the carbon footprint. Nature is chaos
not harmony. Even without Man there would be no Garden of Eden.
Eventually the tropical tea trees of India,Burma,China will go extinct
as the Himalayas weather naturally or precipitation is reduced from
ManMade global warming. Tea crops failures in Assam are blamed on
climate change manmade or otherwise. We are in the golden age of tea
consumerism. It wont always be this way. Our grandchildren will


PS Tea is a social construct and therefor a cultural paradigm. Its
not hard to find contradictions. Human All Too Human as Nietzsche
would say.

On Mar 6, 4:26 pm, Julien LIE >
> Hi Jim,
> > Everything we do in tea is an inherent contradiction. We
> > make order out of chaos with each cup.

> Where is the inherent contradiction?
> Why out of chaos?
> Shouldn't it be in harmony with nature?
> --
> Julien LIE
> Il ne faut jamais pleurer d'avoir perdu la lune car les larmes
> empchent de voir les toiles.