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Default Starbucks Korea Now Using Real Cups

On Jan 21, 10:14*am, Doug Freyburger > wrote:
> jmcquown wrote:
> > sf wrote:


> > Thank Bast there isn't a Starbuck's here! *I finally broke down and bought a
> > cup when I was moving. *I've never tasted such bad coffee. *Who cares if you
> > can bring your own mug? *It tastes like they burned the beans. *It's just
> > gawd awful. *I like my coffee black and strong but definitely not like the
> > crap they're selling for $5 a cup.

> If you got the drip coffee at a Starbucks you didn't get their main
> product. *Sort of like going to a McDonalds and ordering the chicken
> sandwich. *There drip is unimpressive.

But their drip _used_ to be impressive, that's the problem. They used
to feature coffees from all over the world, two different coffees
every day. Now they serve only braunwasser every day.