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Default Lambic tasting

On Sun, 08 Feb 2004 19:29:56 GMT, "Lew Bryson"

"Bill Coleman" wrote in message
How was Drie Fonteinen rated? That is my favorite
Lambic these days...basically talking about the Gueuze,
as their fruit lambics are pretty hard to find lately.

Drie Fonteinen was not in the lineup. It was 20 from Lindemans, Boon,
Hanssens, Cantillon, and De Ranke.

That's really stretching things to call De Ranke Kriek a "lambic."
They don't actually blend a lambic, they buy some from elsewhere and
blend it with their own house-brewed ale and, of course, the
cherries. It's a bit like comparing Reinaert's "Flemish Wild Ale"
to an actual lambic; it has some characteristics that make it similar
to one, but it isn't one, just the same.
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