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Default Czilispiel - a long report on a fun weekend in Texas

On 29-Oct-2007, "frohe" wrote:


.. . .

As far as I am concerned, I think a lot of folks have probably missed
one of the best parts of the traditional barbecue, and that is the fun
of it all. I think this style of cooking is supposed to be fun,
shared with others, and when I was out there this last weekend I
remembered WHY I actually started barbecueing.

Smoked meats, ice cold beer, good friends. No particular order.

Bub, you've hit the nail on the head with this post. I'm sure there are
some who could care less about how we do BBQ down here in Texas but who
cares. Your message of cooking simplicity and having fun while doing it
the one that should sink in for all.

Good post!


Lord have mercy! Somebody was just asking, "What ever happened to frohe"?

I live in a trailer park (3 Lakes Mobile Home Park). The true BBQ tradition
being revived right here in the wrong part of town and even on the wrong
of the tracks. The true BBQ tradition being the gathering of like minded
for the purpose of comraderie and communal enjoyment.

An extended family
comprising more then ten households has gathered together in this one park.
The clan gathers nearly every saturday evening at one house or another on
an unofficial rotational basis, but the pit, after some fitfull starts and
has taken up permenant residence and now consists of two high concrete
blocks surrounded by and covered with corrogated roofing metal. It contains
a motor driven whole hog spit capable of handling 100+lb hog.

Christmas will
be celebrated this year by a major gathering of the clan and the sacrifice
a whole hog cooked over log splits. Practically every household will bring
side dishes. There will be enough food to feed three times as many people
as actually attend.

And I won't be there. My daughter has invited me to
share Christmas at their table and I'm not about to miss it.

Brick (Merry Christmas)