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Default looking for a stollen recipes

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"Virginia Tadrzynski" wrote:

20 years ago at my eldest daughter's christening, my then sister-in-law
brought a stollen her mother had made. Now before someone gets their
knickers in a twist about using 'pre-made' or 'canned' ingredients, close
this thread now and no one will get offended. The stollen was made using
Pillsbury crescent rolls. The mother has since died and the former
sister-in-law, although I still am cordial with her, couldn't boil water
without burning it, so forget getting a recipe from her. Can anyone help?

PS: it a 'memory' thing, this recipe, so please don't tell me I could make
my own stollen, I know that, what I want to do is replicate this one.

Ginny I Googled crescent roll stollen and got a bunch of hits. Did
you do a search?

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