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Default What happened to marble cake mixes?

"zxcvbob" wrote in message
Nancy2 wrote:
On Nov 28, 9:41 am, wrote:
In the last couple years it seems all brands except Duncan Hines (which
I don't like as much) stopped selling them at the exact same time. Why?
Even all the name tags on the shelves were gone to signal they weren't
coming back. It was my favorite box cake mix, and Betty Crocker,
Pillsbury, and even the store brands like Shoprite just disappeared.
Trying to make my own wasn't nearly as good. Is the mix anywhere and
what happened?


Get a chocolate mix and a white mix, mix each according to the
directions, and then make two cakes, putting half of each in a baking
pan and swirling it. Eat one, freeze one.


(Marble cake from scratch is really, really easy.)

Does Jiffy make chocolate cake mix? Each box only makes one layer, so one
chocolate and one white or yellow swirled together would make one marble

(Or how about swirling a white cake with some chocolate syrup?)

That's what I used to do, but... I would add more chocolate to the
chocolate because the marble part seems like darker chocolate. I know they
do make a chocolate cake, but finding it is the hard part. Last time I got
any I had to mail order it from Hometown Favorites but I threw all of the
mixes out when I discovered dead bugs in some.

I have seen other brands of mixes that make a single layer. They come in a
pouch. I can't remember the brand.