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Default Speaking of Crabapple Jelly

I found a package of crabapple juice in my freezer, already measured for
half a batch of jelly, even! :-) Fortuitous, eh?

I made half a batch, using half a package of pectin‹yeah, yeah, I know;
crabapples have plenty of pectin on their own and I could have made it
without adding pectin‹sosumi. I had my reasons. Anyway, this stuff
was starting to set while it was in my pouring pitcher. Seriously.

I mumbled (hah!!) about being able to get a couple "good" jars from the
batch and was quite disheartened when I pulled them from the bwb and saw
lots of tiny bubbles suspended in the jelly. Dang! Scratch that from
my list of entries!

Guess what! Probably 95% of those leetle bubbles moved up to the top
and disappeared while the jars were cooling. Whee! What a happy ending
to a dance that was off the beat. And it smells so good, too‹like
apples. :-)
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