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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

"Omelet" wrote in message
In article ,
Sqwertz wrote:

On Sat, 24 Jul 2010 09:37:48 -0500, zxcvbob wrote:

On 7/23/2010 11:39 PM, Sqwertz wrote:

Sky International may be the manufacturer of Waring for all we
know, but it won't be the same design. And i can't find any
mention of this grinder except on ebay. Hucksters buy these
things and mark them up 3-4x. You have no recourse if it doesn't

She already has it; might as well see how it works.

Well, duh. She'll only use it three times anyway - so it may work
for her purposes.

I kinda wonder what else she's buying haphazardly off of ebay.
Money must be easy to come by.


Why do you always have to be so nasty Steve?
Be helpful instead. Geeze!
Peace! Om

Ignore him, I do As for how often I'll use it... I'll use it at least as
much as he does his blender