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Default Okay All You Meat Grinding Folks... what to grind first?

In article ,
brooklyn1 wrote:

I believe he was completely serious. Meat loaf isn't something I make very
often. And to grind my own "meat loaf mix" (beef, pork and veal) would
surely cost more than the effort is worth.

I never blend different meats, I much prefer all beef for meat loaf...
you can prepare meatballs too. The learning curve increases with the
more different ingredients you grind... for meat loaf all the veggies
are ground too, even the crumbs.

I am still exploring options with mine.
It's a whole new world in food prep...

Meat grinders are a wondrous tool.

If you are going to drag it out and set it up, might as well go all the
way? :-)
Peace! Om

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