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Originally Posted by eli kintisch View Post

Some real expertise out here I thought I'd try to tap. I'm trying to
make a cake in the shape of the earth. Past attempts have involved me
pouring both halves of the batter into hemispheric glass pyrex bowls
and then cutting off the rounded tops and connecting the two halves
into a (well, obloid) sphere. Then I frost with blue for the ocean and
paint on green for land (plus white for clouds etc)

Fun! But problem: the cake's consistency. I need some more toughness,
i think, because the bottom half can get smooshed. Or it can fall
apart. Any suggestions? I've been using betty crocker cake mix (don't
hate me!)

Thanks, Eli
After you decide what size sphere you want, bake several sheets of sponge, glue them together using frosting into a cube. Use a serrated knife to carve the cube into one hemisphere. Repeat.