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Default Sourdough Pancakes

jedc53 wrote:
I have worked out baking bread with Sourdough as the only leaven and
it rises well with a great texture.Pancakes are another story.To get
a nice fluffy pancake I have added 1 t baking soda and 1 t baking
powder.I have tried with out and the pancakes are rubbery.I have
thought about mixing my recipe and letting it set for about an hour
to get the sourdough active then bake but am worried that milk and
egg might not be good eats after setting for awhile.

Any suggestions?

Hello 'jedc53'! I wouldn't worry about your milk & eggs for the few hours
or so making these will take.

While there are thousands of SD pancake recipies out there, you're welcome
to steal the one I use off of my site:

Hello 'Dicky'...good to see you around, bud.

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