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Default Nice newish sourdough book for those who love Scandinavian bread

Don't see this mentioned here, but a popular Danish chef/baker and
"slow"/organic advocate, Claus Meyer, published a book last year with
nice Scandinavian recipes, mostly based on sourdough and biga.

Some most unusual, such as a recipe for an apple-based sourdough
(easier, imvho, than the Ortiz apple sourdough, which I know has been
discussed here in the past) using the Scandinavian heritage grain
"ølandshvede." (øland is an island in south Sweden, from which this
grain was collected by the Nordic germ bank - the grain appears to be
an antique gene cross of wheat and spelt, but the berries are small
and round, almost barley looking.) Sadly the one place in Denmark that
mills this doesn't seem to export, so you'll have to go to Denmark or
rely on your Scandinavian friends for it.

He also has nice recipe for a sourdough emmer. If you love various
kinds of traditional fullkorn and seed breads made with sourdoughs or
bigas, this is a great book. He also has recipes for some global yeast
breads (naan, etc.) and some specialties like black honey-cake.

Anyway, if you happen to read Danish or be good with Google Translate,
this is a pretty good book aimed at popularizing sourdough, and the
pictures of the chef's mini-clay oven in his home courtyard are fun!
Overall the recipes seem simply written, easy-to-follow, with nice
tips for beginners and beautiful photographs.

"Meyers Bageri," Claus Meyer, 2009, Lindhardt og Ringhof, for DK300
(about US$50), Meyer's website is