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Default Gruaud Larose Vertical

No, Bill. This is its first appearance here AFAIK. And, as an owner of
both the '82 and '86 (purchased as single bottles back in my penurious days as

grad student) I greatly appreciate the notes. I had almost come to the

conclusion that the '82 was going to be a throwback to the '75, if you know
what I mean, so it's good to hear that at least one bottle seems to have come
around by now.
And, silly me, I even contemplated opening the '86 at Thanksgiving, but

thought better of it -- and now I'm glad I did.

Mark Lipton

(Text refers to 82 and 86 Gruaud Larose)


My 82 Gruaud Larose is drinking nicely now, as is my 86 Montrose. All my wines
of that era seem to have ullage to the neck, as my wines have moved a number of
times, with less than perfect storage. I suspect my 86 Montrose may have had
some rough handling before I bought it (one case in 1988) because it seems
quite advanced for the vintage, whereas some of my other wines, noteably the
85 Lynch Bages, seems to have much life left. This wine actually seemed
backward when tasted last month.

I may try a bottle of the 86 Gruaud L., and will let you know if I do.

I don't know how you can compare the 82 to the 75, the 82 Gruaud having the
sweet fruit evidenced when I first tried a bottle upon release. All the 82s
I've tasted seem to have those sweet fruits and ripe tannins.

Tom Schellberg