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Ian Hoare
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Default Wine pairing w/ chicken liver paté?

Salut/Hi Mark Lipton,

le/on Fri, 03 Oct 2003 12:24:18 -0500, tu disais/you said:-

Hi all,
Looking through past posts here, I find few positive recommendations for wine pairing (in fact, Ian just tells us
that a Mosel Riesling matched with it was *awful*).

Yup, I remember it well. The pate made the otherwise sublime Bernkasteler
Doktor taste extremely odd.

So, how about it? What wine(s) would you serve with this dish?

Hmm. I'd be cautious of anything "flowery". I've often served a bordeaux
style white (SB/Semillion/muscadelle) and found it acceptable without being
exciting. Apples wont go so forget the Chenin Loire. I can't really see
Burgundy style, so I'd not look to Chardonnay. I think on balance I'd look
to Sancerre style perhaps, with plenty of ripeness.

p.s. Ian, IIRC, we just carried our Champagne on to the paté at La
Souvigne, but as soup was the next course, I don't know that that was
more than just a convenience for you...

Are you sure? The meal was broad bean soup, paté maison, duck legs en
salmis, cheese and strawberries according to my records. I don't think I'll
have had the imagination to serve the pate before the soup! I will have
"skipped over" the soup, not serving any wine with it, and switching to red
wine with the duck legs.
All the Best
Ian Hoare

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