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Default Corned beef again

Doug Freyburger wrote:
Nick Cramer wrote:

Preserving meat for winter by soaking in salt brine is a time-honored
method. [ . . . ] The familiar corned beef is one
of the few remnants of this practice still popular today.

When the same is done to vegitables it is called pickling. Pickled
veggies are also not as popular as they once were.

Several different cuts of beef as well as the tongue are excellent
candidates for corning, in fact,

In my head are now running memories of pickled heart and tongue made
from the deer killed by family hunters each year. Delicious.

except for steaks, any cut can be brined.

Why not steaks? They are smaller than roasts, bigger than hearts. I
get that pickling a steak might be a waste of a good cut. I get that
jerky is good from steaks. Do steaks get so tender they turn to mush
when pickled?

Thanks for the extensive write up!

Ya got me there, Doug! I've used round for jerky; salt, pepper and Sun dry.
Steak, I've mostly had grill charred, blood rare. I think my daughter's
made them in some Mexican styles, too. It's been a long time since I've had
heart or tongue. Now I'm Jonesin' for a Reuben sammy!

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