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Default AWS Tasting

We served 6 wines:
1. Dr. Konstantine Frank Dry Riesling (2007)
2. Dr. Frank Rkatsiteli (2007) [3]
3. Hermann J. Wiemer Semi Dry Riesling (2007) [1]
4. Red Newt Cellars Riesling (2008) [2]
5. Red Newt Red EFT (NV) (a red 'kitchen sink' blend) [2]
6. Lamoreaux Landing Cabernet Frank (2007) [1]

We decided to score the reds separately from the whites. I've indicated
scoring in square brackets after the vintage.

I also served 4 Cheeses from the Finger lakes as well as grapes, grapes,
hummus, edamame dip and some quince paste.

I chose the wines based on availability (5 of the wines were available in
PA, NJ or DE), price, and taste. This was our first time hosting a
for the club and I was apprehensive about the theme and the wines. It was
unfounded as everything was very well received and a spirited discussion
about the area's winemaking went well beyond the appointed end time, and
wines and most of the food was consumed.


Good job. You stuck to some good examples of NYS wines.
I tend to prefer NYS whites to reds, was that your conclusion?

For me as well, but I do greatly enjoy some of the reds. The Cab Franc's are
excellent, and I also found well made Merlots and PNs as well as some very
tasty red blends. The Red EFT listed above has been a favorite in my house
since our trip last year.

What was really surprising was that two of our chapter members grew up in
the Finger Lakes area, and were not expecting very much from the wines. I
think if they hadn't been the friends that introduced us to the club they
may have skipped the tasting based on their bias against the wines of their
youth. The Dr Franks and the Wiemer really took them by surprise.