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Default Perfex pepper grinder problem

On Jan 11, 1:33*am, Wayne Boatwright
I'm surprised that the OP is having this problem. *I've had the same Perfex
pepper mill and salt mill since 1968 and never had a problem. *I have
completely disassembled the mechanism 4-5 times over the years to give it a
thorough cleaning, especially after adding whole coriander seeds or
allspice berries to the mix.

A good grasp of the nut with a pair of pliers while holding the handle on
top stationary should make the nut loosen enough to remove and properly
clean it. *If it resists, add a few drops of penetrating oil to the nut
around the threads and allow time for it to work its way in.

I followed Wayne's suggestion and it worked great. I cleaned
everything out with a toothbrush, put a little wax on the thread of
the long handle/nut, and everything is working perfectly now!