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Default World Wildlife Fund says eating meat is greener than vegetarian

Steve Pope wrote:
I'm not sure WWF is regarded as authoritative on this sort
of thing.

The United Kingdom, unlike the Republic of Ireland or the
United States, is a net meat importer. Therefore, when
a UK person consumes meat, they are adding to demand thus
adding to meat imports, even if the exact meat they are
consuming is local. So I would say it's bogus to conclude
that eating meat in the UK is resource-conserving.

Does lead to an interesting question though. Usually the efficiency of
agriculture is based in energy per unit area, and on that basis
vegetarianism is a clear winner. But humans don't just need energy--if that
was all we needed we could survive fine on a diet of pure sugar. On that
basis, which is more efficient in producing complete protein, plants or cows
eating plants?