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Default '98 Font de Michelle

On Jan 22, 11:43*pm, Mark Lipton wrote:
With tonight's dinner of lamb, Jean had initially requested a Pinot Noir
from the cellar. *When I demurred, she then suggested a Rhone wine. *So,
down I went and came back with:

1998 Font de Michelle Chateuneuf-du-Pape
nose: cherries verging on kirsch, a hint of meat
palate: velvety smooth, cherry fruit, polished

Having now exhausted our cache of '94s and still waiting on some of our
bigger '89 and '90s, I have begun to move onto some of our more ready
'98s. *If this wine is any indication, they are indeed quite drinkable
at this stage. *The oak treatment of the Gonnet brothers is evident in
the polished mouthfeel of this wine, but the oak is fully integrated and
evident only as a textural element. *Very nice with the lamb on a cold
Winter's night.

Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: *

I've only got a few 98 CdPs, no biggies (I have things like Chante
Cigale, Gardine, Boursan), I should probably start trying