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Default a modest proposal for Dale W., and others...

On Jan 21, 11:25*pm, Ronin > wrote:
> Not to whine, but....
> * * * * Kylie Kwong has three cookbooks. *If you cite a cook book, a title as
> well as author would be nice...
> * * * * Some wines which are disignated "I would buy again" or such, are
> impossible to find on Wine-Searcher Pro. *The country, importer,
> retailer, website, or some such to enable us to find a wine which
> intrigues would also be nice.
> * * * * Jim

Well, at least no Irish kids are being eaten!

Seriously, you're quite right about the cookbooks. I should have
stated that the Kylie Kwong book Betsy has been enjoying so much is
"Simple Chinese Cooking " (I didn't realize she had more than one).
And the Pierre Franey recently referenced was NYT 60-Minute Gourmet

Wine is a bit more complicated. I'd be surprised in 99% of the recent
vintage wines posted about here by US posters weren't available by WS
Pro. If one gives producer, appellation, and any designation/vineyard
info, that would generally make wines findable. 99% of the stores I
buy from (Zachys, CSW, Grapes, Post, WineLibrary, WHWC) post their
inventory on web and it's reported on WS. Wine Connection is the only
one I know that doesn't have most stuff on web (plus Grapes often does
stuff in email blasts that sell out before going to web, so it really
wouldn't help). I'll try to remember to post retailer if I think it's
a good buy and still available if it helps. The problem with posting
importer is that of course many European wines have more than one
importer, Oliver McCrum might have West Coast, the guy in Mamaroneck
might have East Coast, and someone else South or Midwest. But I for
one will try to be more informative.