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Default TN: Riesling and Gamay

"Mike Tommasi" skrev i melding
AyTee wrote:
On Jan 19, 7:23 am, DaleW wrote:
sorry, for some reason petrol has become the normal geekspeak for TDN
(1,2,6-trimethyl-1,2-dihydronaphthalene). Actually probably closer to
kerosene/diesel than gasoline.

TDN is found in lots of grape varieties, but typically the highest
concentrations are in Riesling.- Hide quoted text -

To me, TDN smells of light machine oil, like "3-in One." (Is that
stuff still around? It used to be sold in US hardware stores for
household use -- oiling door hinges and such.)

Oui, that is what TDN stands for in french: Trois Dans uN.