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Default Perfex pepper grinder problem

In article ,
Sky wrote:

Ben Lotto wrote:

The nut at the bottom of my Perfex pepper grinder (which I received as
a gift many years ago) won't turn. Two questions:

Any suggestions for fixing this myself?

How would I contact Perfex to take advantage of the lifetime warranty
on the grinder?

Thanks in advance,

Did you 'googgle' first before asking here? Did you check ""
to see if it existed or its parent company's website? A good place to
check is to ask your local librarian for the company's contact
information. Another option would be to look on Ebay or the local
Craigslist to find another exact pepper grinder and cannibalize (sp?)
the parts Those are options I'd try ) Good luck - I hope you get a
good response whatever you learn.


I don't know about Ben, but I tried various search options and came up
empty. Best I can recommend to Ben is to contact Sur La Table. They
carry Perfex, so they would be your best bet for contact info on the

Good luck,