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Default Ping: Larry - wine store search

Not much luck on Timeless Wines information.

My journey:

Went to Kysela Wine warehouse and wandered through the huge rooms and found
a guy at the computer who told me that there were no more 2002 Bodega
Bressia Profundo’s as Kysela is now working on 2005. He said it is possible
to find a bottle on someone’s shelf somewhere.

Went to Timeless Wines and found only an address, door locked, could see
some names on 4-6 placques (attorneys, etc) – no Timeless name – and saw
some mailboxes that I could not read names.

Went to Salute Wine – the owner/wife of owner/manager woman didn’t know
much about Timeless. My impression was that Timeless is more-or-less a
mystery. I asked the woman about Downey, and she said the son comes to
their store often. I don’t recall if she showed us Downey wines or not, we
were so busy talking.

Went to a Murphy Beverage Company that sells beer and wine in the same
Loudoun Mall. The impression I got is that Timeless is only an on-line

While I was in Murphy Beverage, the Kysela distributor person came in and I
noticed him, but she only said it was him after I mentioned the name Kysela.
I don’t know what he might have said about Timeless.

I’ve previously been to D’Vine Wines as I stated before, but/so it was not
on my tour today. ;-))

And, after going to these various places, I am more happy than ever to have
a decent and reasonably priced wine store about 10 miles south from where I
live – Woodstock, VA.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year and 2010.

Dee Dee