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Default The Starbucks lifestyle

On Dec 30, 11:20*am, "Jack Denver" wrote:
Would you really want to drink out of a cup made from previously used paper?

There are a lot of trimmings that are left over when paper cups are stamped
out, etc. *If these were not recycled they would have to be landfilled so
even though they are not "post-consumer" waste it still benefits the
environment to recycle them.

"Tex" wrote in message



It's been a decade since I went to a stockholders meeting, but
somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind is this tidbit: The cups used
are mostly recycled paper; but it's new recycled paper, so you're not
saving anything from ending up in landfills.

Hi Jack,
It might improve the taste of the coffee if they used a more aromatic
paper! ;-) I've been aware of the difference between post-production
and post-consumer recycling for decades. To my mind there's a huge
difference between the two, and there should be a distinction made on
the recycling labels.