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Default Hello Everyone!

I dont know the current state of affairs between your two countries
but the Russians like Ceylon teas. I am close to a immigrated Russian
population and hopefully one day would like to drink tea from an
authentic Samovar. I shop their stores for tea but it is a close knit
community. I could be mistaken but I think I remember a post about
tea purchases in Sweden. Im watching a Japanese horror flick last
night and one scene shows someone making tea in a kyusu. It never
occurred to me before but you can only use the right hand to pour
unless there is a left hand version. If you got questions we got


On Nov 29, 3:57 am, Jarrno wrote:
So hello everyone!
Just to let you know that i've joined this group
Really looking forward to hear about tea culture in different
i'm from finland and hear its nothing special..
But what about your country

Thank You!