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Default Tonight: Home made Pizza

On Sun, 15 Nov 2009 22:00:19 -0500, "Ed Pawlowski"

Gene wrote:
No, I did not make the dough. I do not have a mixer with a hook and I
also do not want to wait over night for the dough to proof. I have
found a good frozen dough. I will hand roll it, my son is going to
hand toss it. Should be interesting.

Proof over night? I can make it by hand and let it rise a few hours.
Although it is easier sometimes to buy a bag or two of dough and let it rise
of an hour.

If I had made it from scratch it would have had to proof over night
due to the messed up schedule we have in this house.

BTW, the frozen dough I got does not require any rising. Just thaw and

Yep, makes it much easier. Quicker too.



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