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Default Dominic: Is Zhang Ping Shui Hsian the same as Shui Xian?

Here is some translated Chinese information:
At best a green Shui Xian. What next a green Darjeeling brick.
Interesting Photo and Video links.

On Nov 12, 1:08 pm, "Dominic T." wrote:
....Someone needs to protect Shui Xian with a logo...

I've had it and I do like it, but what I was saying is that the
"brick" format doesn't do anything special for the tea... it's not
like Puer where fermentation is part of the game or overly long
storage (although I'd imagine a very old Shui Xian stored as such
would be very good). I prefer the really heavily charcoal roasted Shui
Xian which is almost charcoal itself, long storage would just softent
he bamboo charcoal notes and it would never compress into brick form,
it would just be debris. I've had some Shui Xian which was quite old
and taken out of storage to be re-roasted and stored again repeatedly
(I believe it was 16 years old), it was amazing. But again in brick
form it wouldn't have worked.

I'd say if it is the only option and Upton's is the only option, then
go for the brick option in this case. I'd still say picking up a good
middle-of-the-road shui xian from almost anywhere else would be an
upgrade though.

- Dominic