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Default Roast Cauliflower Recipe

Peppermint Patootie wrote:
: In article ,
: "W. Baker" wrote:

: Peppermint Patootie wrote:
: : In article ,
: : "Jacquie" wrote:
: : I just like Steamed Cauliflower with melted butter and a bit of salt and
: : pepper. Guess I'm one of those people that don't need sauces My
: : Husband
: : on the other hand has to have BBQ or steak sauce on every thing
: : I enjoy plain old steamed or boiled cauliflower, too. I also love a
: : nice cauliflower au gratin or in a lovely cauliflower and potato dish I
: : used to make out of one of Madhur Jafri's cookbooks.
: : I think I'll try roasting some soon. I get a tote of organic vegetables
: : delivered every week (kind of like a CSA, but not all local), and I'm
: : starting to accumulate cauliflowers. ;-)
: : PP
: Quick adn easy adn no cooking. Eata raw diped in cockail sauc or russian
: dressing or any other dip yu like adn that fits ou diet. I often keep a
: bowl of florets, sitting in cold water in the frige and some dip fro quick
: snacks that do little to the bgs.
: Wendy

: That works only if you like raw cauliflower. I'm afraid I don't care
: for it unless it's cooked. Too, um, I don't know... too peppery?

: PP

Interesting. In my family I could never get the kids to eat cooked
cauliflower(broccoli yes), but they would go for the raw, particularly
with dip. Go figure. I also like cooked broccoli, but not raw. I
always avoid it at those receptions with the raw veggie trays.