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Default Dominic: Is Zhang Ping Shui Hsian the same as Shui Xian?

On Nov 12, 12:24*pm, Prof Wonmug wrote:
I emailed Upton asking if they carry Shui Xian. I got a reply pointing
me to Zhang Ping Shui Hsian:

Can you tell me if is similar to what you meant when you suggested
Shui Xian?

The Upton tea comes in 9g "mini bricks". Is this how Shui Xian is
usually packed?


Sometimes Shui Xian is spelled Shui Hsien (or I guess Shui Hsian) but
no, Upton's really doesn't carry anything quite right. I'd say the
only thing close are their stock oolongs (I think they call them
oolong, fancy oolong, and choice oolong or something similar).

I don't remember ever seeing my name before in a subject, so I felt
compelled to respond

I wasn't kidding or being persnickety when I said Upton's was lacking
in a number of ways... I'd just ignore the whole Shui Xian thing
completely if they are the vendor. It's really best that way. Shui
Xian is generally pretty inexpensive from almost any vendor, myself
and my wife really enjoy 's Shui Xian, even over much
more expensive offerings from other places... but I know you had
issues with their site, basically go anywhere but Upton's for it and
you should be OK. It should not be green-ish and it really isn't a tea
that comes in bricks nor would it really benefit from that type of
processing or storage.

- Dominic