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Default Roast Cauliflower Recipe

"Jacquie" wrote in message
When I was young and newly married, my girlfriend and I used to meet at
each others home for our special lunch. It was always a veggie lunch...we
weren't even vegetarians Sometimes we would split a cauliflower....The
next time fry up some breaded egg plant...or during cold weather we would
make a cheesy Broccoli or cauliflower soup. I also like my acorn squash
with just a bit of butter and salt...butter sweetens it up nicely...I
don't need maple syrup I just had a nice acorn squash the other
night...hubby doesn't like it so I even had enough for lunch the next day
I have never tried a Cauliflower au gratin...sounds good though...guess
I'll be looking for a recipe.

I always liked this simple recipe for cauliflower too.

Cooking Cauliflower - from Allan

Slice it relatively thin and put it in a skillet. Add some water (not enough
to cover it). Boil the water until the cauliflower is slightly tender. Drain
the remaining water and put some butter in your skillet. Sauté until the
cauliflower starts turning brown. Add a little cream and a lot of sharp
cheddar. Still until the cheese melts.
Grate some fresh Romano or Parmesan over the top.

That's how to cook cauliflower!