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Default Teavana the cosmetic counter for tea

I finally figured out the business model for Teavana. Have you ever
noticed in the mall one entry level of the department stores alway
makes you walk through the brightly lite cosmetic counter area. I
pity the poor guys whose wifes or girlfriends cant resist. The gals
behind the counter do the hard sell. They have to be working on
commission. Everything is eye candy. That happened to me this
weekend. I just so happened to walk out of a department store and
right into Teavana. So I am the guy at the tea cosmetic counter while
my wife waits outside bored. Everything at Teavana is set to catch
your eye. You cant get to the tea without going through an employee
just like the cosmetics. I am jaded as they come when it comes to tea
shoppes. I can see why anyone would be smitten. I enjoy the show.


PS I will say their great selection of teaware is cheaper than
anyplace you can find it.