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Default OK, I'm convinced I need to grind my own meat, tell me aboutyour grinder.....

Nan wrote:

We have a Champion juicer and I was hoping there was an attachment for
the strong motor it has, but they don't make one.
Please tell me about what you have and why you like it.
Thanks, Nan

I have an old Chop-Rite #10 that I bought 30 years ago (clamps on the
edge of a table), and a few years ago I bought an electric #12 from
Northern Hydraulic, now called Northern Tool. I think this is the
same model:

I like it because it takes the same plates as my old Chop-Rite, and it
has a large feed tube so I can cut the meat into quite large strips
and it will handle it. It will grind up a whole brisket in just a few

I would not get anything smaller than a heavy-duty #8 grinder.