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Default Chinese have neever been black-tea drinkers ? What ?

> > Keemun is a Chinese tea. A province of Yunnan is famous for its
> > black teas.

> I believe neither Keemun nor Yunnan black tea existed in 1830.
> > This is the first time I hear Chinese have never been black tea
> > drinkers.
> > If there is any true in it, does it mean a black tea is grown in
> > China mostly for export, and only younger generations enjoy the
> > black tea ?

> I think there's a lot of truth to it, but not 100%

China invented Black Tea (called Red Tea) in Chinese. It was developed
sometime in the 1800s. And it was precisely at this time there was a
lot of trading going on with Europe. It was because the Europeans so
favored black tea that China further continued its development. The
first black tea was invented in Wuyi in Fujian province, called
Xiaozhong (Xiaozhong Hong Cha); commonly known in English as Souchong.
After this, other areas in China started developing their own distinct
style of Black tea for export (in the late 1800s and early 1900s - if
I can recall correctly).

So to some extent, black tea was developed primarily to satisfy the
needs of European and American markets. However, black tea, though not
as popular in China as other types of tea is still consumed there

BTW, I am writing several tea books on all of this information, so
much of this confusion can be cleared up when they're published
(hopefully very soon).