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On Oct 16, 12:27 pm, "Nonny" wrote:
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Wow, a memory from the past. Is that rec.woodworking you're
talking about? I was once quite active there under my own name
and with the predecessor handle to "Nonny." Did you ever read
about my Jake's Chair, the haircut story or the one of Old Spot?
I loved that newsgroup, but dropped out after a non-newsgroup
related mishap.

One in the same, good sir! I started post there around '97 - '98, as
well as on the woodturning ng. Between those two groups, I have over
3,000 posts! For a long time, it was a hoppin' place.

It has slowed down a lot over the years, and has been wracked with
some nasty political threads that have hurt a lot of feelings, and
turned a lot of "net" friends against each other.

But it still rattles a long, and there are a lot of good folks that
lurk and post, but in fear of things turning political, just lurk. I
post as I please without much static, but since it is a woodworking
group, I stick to woodworking and leave the politics to others.
That's fight that can't be won. As a professional woodworker, I enjoy
helping others that want to learn the craft, so I concentrate on that
aspect of the ng.

I don't recall your screen name when posting your Jake's chair project
completion, but I remember it! I liked it enough to get the plans and
store them aside. Don't remember the haircut posts, though.

What name were you posting under when you were active over there?
What made you leave? I know sometimes you just get tired of things
and move on, but I am just wondering...