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Default Shiraz-soy Grilled Flank Steak Recipe.

On Oct 12, 7:02*pm, "Theron" wrote:
"Dave Bugg" wrote in message


Please KF me. That will help everyone.


Even better, don't go where you're not welcome. THAT will help
everyone, but that's been made clear already hasn't it?
How much clearer can it be made Kent? People know you for a troll,
treat you as a troll, and despise you, yet you come back for more.
That's ****ing sad dude.

I know, I know, it's common sense and makes you responsible for
yourself rather than someone else being responsible for your actions.
But I'm funny that way, I think people should show both these traits.

Kent, why the morphing? Smells like troll doesn't it. Ashamed of your
previous identity? How's this one working out? It's got to be wierd to
be acknowledging your previous slimelife, while signing off as "Ed".
Is that like the comedy show's "special Ed"?