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Default Salvage grocery stores

On Oct 4, 7:59*am, pamjd > wrote:
> One just opened up near us. *What is your experience at such a place?
> The also raise their own organic pork and beef that youcan put in an
> order for. *Intersting concept but might not be to advantagous for a
> family of 2. *Experiences and advice welcomed.

I've never seen one with fresh meat, and rarely with fresh produce or
even frozen stuff, but the shelf-stable goods are ok as long as you
check the dates.

Locally, we have Building #19 ( which buys from all
over the country and has periodic problems with weevils and moths in
the grains goods, but has an excellent return policy. They carry not
only food, but also books, oriental and regular rugs, clothing, tools,
kitchen goods (a fair number of those food saver appliances lately),
furniture and decor items.

My husband won't buy his bagels anywhere else, since they've made a
deal with some bakery and get them in fresh weekly. I've gotten flour
and wheat gluten there, which I immediatly pop into the freezer
whether I see critters or not), and have not had a problem.

If they only get stuff from the warehouse stores in the huge
containers, you won't find it helpful, but if they're doing the
salvage auctions from all over, you should at least check it out.

maxine in ri