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Default Salvage grocery stores

Andy wrote:
> cshenk said...
>> The name threw me too until someone mentioned 'Big Box' and 'Big
>> Lots'. Then it clicked. I have no idea if that is a common name for
>> such elwhere, only that it threw me and Jill in first hearing it
>> that way.

> cshenk,
> I assumed it just meant any wholesale club where you find 30-count
> hot dog packs, gallon jars of mayo, 5 lb. cans of tuna and giant tubs
> of Twizzlers. I've been suckered in on all counts in the beginning.
> Great for restaurants or really big cookouts.

Why would that be called salvage? Salvage is referring to stores
that sell stuff that is overstock or whatever. Salvage stores and
food auctions have been much in the news lately, but they are not
wholesale clubs at all.