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Default Salvage grocery stores

"George Shirley" > wrote in message
> pamjd wrote:
>> One just opened up near us. What is your experience at such a place?
>> The also raise their own organic pork and beef that youcan put in an
>> order for. Intersting concept but might not be to advantagous for a
>> family of 2. Experiences and advice welcomed.

> We buy a lot of canned and boxed goods at Big Lots for about half their
> retail price, sometimes less. Basically they are overstock and salvage
> goods. There's just the two of us but we save substantial money doing
> this. Check their prices and their goods. I wouldn't buy dented cans as
> the tinning can spall off when they're dented. Same with boxes or
> packaging that has tears.

Sounds nice. Our Big Lots is just jewelry, towels, cheap furniture,
wrapping paper. That kind of stuff.