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Default Grocery stores keep scamming us

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009 17:49:01 -0700, "Dimitri" >
fired up random neurons and synapses to opine:

>You forgot to mention their ad items.
>Tri Tip Untrimmed $2.47/lb
>10 lb potatoes $0.97
>Chicken leg & thigh or qtr's $0.77/lb
>bone in asst (1/4 loin) pork chops $0.97/lb
>Bananas $0.39/lb
>12 pack Pepsi or 7 up $2.49 must buy 3 or more
>14 to 16oz Kraft singles $1.49 (limit)

And their non-ad items. I flew through Von's after work yesterday and
snagged a nearly-ripe canteloupe for 50 that just happened to catch
my eye. Not savvy about marketing, but I doubt this would be
categorized a "loss leader" if it's not advertised? I mean, you can't
grow, harvest and transport canteloupe for 50 - along with an English
muffin, it made a tasty breakfast.

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